We at EG2EL recommend these additional references on entertainment industry legal and business subjects to help you further enhance your knowledge and raise the bar in your professional and business pursuits. This list will be an evolving one, as new resources come to our attention, and others on the list cease publication.

Note the constant transformation of the Entertainment Industry due to technical and other innovations makes it essential to keep up with current trends and events, including the most recent literature when possible.

AND PLEASE, if you wish to add any of these print titles to your library, consider purchasing them directly from their publishers or a local bookseller. The prices are often the same or approximate pricing from online booksellers, but your direct purchase generally results in a higher portion of the sales proceeds going to small businesses (booksellers and publishers) and to the authors themselves, even if it means you’re waiting a couple of extra days for delivery of the books. (And while you are waiting, please take advantage of some of the tremendous online materials featured in these pages.)

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